BBQ Buying Guide

June 21, 2019

Soak in the sun and make the most of your summer with a new BBQ grill. Whether you’re looking to host large parties for family and friends or want to enjoy a nice steak for yourself, there is a large variety of grills designed to match your lifestyle. Our helpful BBQ Guide breaks down everything that you need to know about purchasing a grill by answering the important questions. Don’t let another perfect grilling day go to waste.

Who are you cooking for?

Other than for yourself, who is this grill for? If you’re looking to cook for only 1-2 people than a portable grill may work best for you. They are easy to clean and work best for those with limited space. What it offers in convenience, it lacks in size as these smaller grills would be inefficient for a larger party. If you’re looking to cook for your family or between 2-6 people, then a two burner grill is best. You won’t have to worry about the time it’ll take to heat up and they are easier to store in the shed/garage. If you desire to hold events for larger parties, then a 3 or 4-burner grill would work best. You’ll be the life of the party by being able to grill up large amounts of food all at once. However, think about how much you’ll get out of the grill as they are difficult to store. Don’t forget to consider the amount of space that you have available for your grill. Even if you want to have a larger grill, you’ll have to make sure there is enough space in the garden.

What type of grill is needed?

After size, the most important question about purchasing a grill is charcoal vs. gas? So here’s a brief overview of both types of grills. Both grills have their pros and cons, so when it comes to deciding usually is about personal preference or flavour.


Considered the more traditional method of barbecuing, grilling your food over charcoal offers the classic experience of stoking the fire and lighting coals. If getting that smoky barbecue flavour is a priority then you’ll want to use the white-hot embers.

  • Pros:
    • Cheaper than gas grills
    • More convenient
    • Take up less storage
    • Easy for beginners
  • Cons:
    • Hard to Light
    • Slower to Heat
    • The ash is messy to clean up


Ready for cooking within minutes, gas barbecues are easier to light with faster heating times. Unlike charcoal BBQ’s, the heat time is 10-15 minutes versus 30- 40 minutes. One thing to note is that you will lose out on that smoky flavour acquired from charcoal grills.

  • Pros
    • Fast heat times makes it better for impromptu dinners
    • Less messy than charcoal BBQs
    • Less likely to char food that is still uncooked
  • Cons
    • More expensive
    • Lose that BBQ flavour
    • Have to buy and fill up a gas canister
    • Less portable and harder to store

How much should you pay? Just as there is a large range of grills, there is a large range in costs. Professional grade BBQ’s used by restaurants can cost up to thousands of dollars. While smaller versions for the average consumer may cost a few hundred. So how much should you pay?

Well, that depends on your answers to the two previous questions and your budget. The biggest difference in cost comes from quality. If you’re committed to barbecuing for a long time then invest in a grill that is going to be durable and last for a few summers. If you’re unsure or just starting out, then purchase a lower end model. By the time you figure out if more grilling is in your future then it will be time for an upgrade that matches your interest and skill.

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