Doors: Giving Your House a New Lease of Life

October 24, 2018

You might not have noticed it but doors are an essential part of any house due to their high level of importance. The perfect door for your house will be able to withstand the daily usage and lessen the sound from neighboring rooms while adding character or style to the home’s overall design. This is a tall order for something as seemingly standard as a door but the amount of personality that it can add to a space is significant in a way that should not be ignored.

There is a wide variety of door styles creating hundreds of options that are available when shopping for a door. Follow these 3 tips to make selecting the right door for your room easier.

Decide on a Style

The style of the door should match the style of your house. A modern contemporary home should not be fitted with traditional doors that may be best suited for an older property. Panelled style doors are known for adding a complementary depth to traditional homes while a home in desperate need of light might use a glass or flush door. Don’t make a purchase before browsing through the many different door styles to see which one is the best fit for your space.

Consider the Door Material

When purchasing a door they can be finished, pre-finished, primed or unfinished. Which door you decide is based on your preference. In addition to style, remember pre-finished doors are ready for you to paint while primed and unfinished doors are not.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Buying a door seems simple but many people make common mistakes like not measuring the door size correctly or installing doors the wrong way. The most common mistake is not thinking about which way the door is going to open. Before purchasing a door make sure to consider all of these items.

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