Get Your Kitchen Ready for Holidays

November 25, 2019


The holiday season is officially here! The Christmas lights are shining on Grafton street and lists are being prepared for holiday gifting. Following trips to Christmas markets and finishing shopping, many people celebrate this special season with a dinner surrounded by family and friends. It’s a festive evening spent with loved ones and great food. However, for the host, this meal can cause plenty of stress. Cooking a meal for many people can be made even more complicated if your kitchen isn’t ready for the holiday.

This year, remove the stress that comes with holiday cooking and get your kitchen in shape for Christmas. Even if you’re not hosting a large dinner, these tips can make the final month of the year that much simpler. Here are some easy tips and steps that you can take in these last few weeks to get your kitchen ready for the holidays.

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Kitchen walls can easily become stained with grease and other food items. While you may try to keep family members out of the space, a few hungry people always stray into the kitchen. Make sure the space they enter looks amazing with a new coat of paint. Greasy walls should first be cleaned with warm water and soap but a fresh coat of paint can also add a new layer of vibrancy.

  • Replace some tiles

Backsplashes are another way to add colour and character to a kitchen. Over time some tiles may fall off and for whatever reason may not have been fixed. Now is a great time to begin working. If only a few tiles are missing, this is an easy solution before the holidays. However, if your entire backsplash is need of an overhaul consider replacing it for next year if you’re not a DIY master or lack the budget to hire a contractor.

  • Conduct a Winter Clean

Don’t rely on your Spring Cleaning to carry on into the winter. Even if you conducted a deep clean of your home in May that was still 5 months ago. Pick one weekend before your family dinner to conduct a thorough cleaning of the kitchen. This includes cleaning (and organising), the refrigerator and cleaning the oven. Think about all of the areas in your kitchen that aren’t frequently cleaned and then clean them. Get the entire family involved by dividing roles to everyone in the family. This will make the process a bit easier especially when the operation spreads out to the living room and dining room.

  • Treat Yourself (to New Appliances)

The holidays are a time for buying gifts for loved ones but don’t forget about yourself. If the oven has been on the rocks for ages or if your fridge has almost reached the breaking point, consider buying new appliances. Cooking for the whole family is stressful enough without having to worry if something might burn because of a finicky oven. Also, this is an investment in your home that will last for years.

  • Stock up on the Essentials

There are certain items that are needed for big dinners. Batteries, foil, candles, napkins, and garbage bags are all a must for the kitchen. Even if you don’t use all of these essentials, they can continue to be used throughout the year or saved for the next family gathering.

  • Start Planning for next year

Not everything can be planned in the final few weeks before Christmas. Installing new flooring and remodelling a kitchen are the main big items that need months of planning. Think about how you envision your kitchen to look in the new year and then start the work for how that would be implemented.

If you’re starting to begin the process of getting your kitchen ready, stop by our shop to find the items that you need.