How to Maximise Space in Any Room

January 15, 2019

Spacious living areas are a luxury that many of us, unfortunately, aren’t able to experience. Learn how to make any small space feel grand with these few simple tips:


  1. Opt for a Smaller Bed – this doesn’t mean forcing yourself to sleep in a single bed but it is worth considering what do you desire more? A bigger bed or more space.
  2. Go Under – consider getting storage bins that fit underneath your bed. If you’re interested look into getting risers to create more storage space.
  3. Use a Futon or a Murphy bed – futons don’t have to look like those dusty ones from your days in undergrad. Get a stylish futon that matches your current style. Or get a Murphy bed, a bed that pulls out of the wall and provides full floor access when hidden.
  4. Take Advantage of Your Closet – a messy closet is a useless closet. Make use of this valuable storage space by keeping things organized and neat.
  5. Maximize Storage – don’t be afraid to use your walls for storage, if done correctly it won’t look cluttered.


  1. Get Vertical – build up your cabinets as much as possible. If you’re shorter in stature then invest in a small step ladder to help you reach high up shelves.
  2. Optimize Storage Space – think smarter not harder. Strategically organize all of your kitchen items so that no space goes unused.
  3. Decorate with Storage in Mind – buy kitchen decorations that can also double as cute storage space options.
  4. Hook Up – invest in hooks that can go inside of cabinets. These can be used to hang a wide variety of items.
  5. Choose the Right Colour – sometimes you just need to make something look spacious. Accomplish this by painting your kitchen in a colour that is light and airy.

Living Room:

  1. It’s All About the Arrangement – how you arrange your furniture can make or break the space. Make sure that your furniture is being spaced out efficiently
  2. Remove Large Furniture – bigger isn’t always better. Replace large, clunky furniture with options that create more space.
  3. Go Higher – use height to your advantage and don’t be afraid to place items higher up on the walls.
  4. Stay Neutral – pick a neutral colour that will help to open up the room and create a spacious feeling.
  5. Use the Window – if possible invest in window seating especially options that provide some much-needed storage space.

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