How to Paint Like a Pro

September 12, 2019

When it comes to painting a room in your house, there are some practices that are common knowledge at this point. Cover your furniture with a canvas or plastic tarp, line the edges of walls, and use swatches to test the look. But what about the things that a beginner painter wouldn’t know. Learning to paint like a pro would help to make the job, easier, faster, and overall better. 

  • Prep the Walls- In a beginner’s guide to painting, prepping the walls would only mean lining the edges and crown moulding with painter’s tape. However, any pro knows that to get the best finish you have to really prep the walls for the paint. This entails filling any holes with spackle using a plate knife. Don’t forget to sand it down after the spackle has dried. The next step is to wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any dust especially the areas that were recently sanded. The final part is to hit those grease spots. This is very true for the kitchen area. Use a cleaner to help remove those grease marks from the walls. It may be a very unglamorous part of cleaning but it will help loads in the long term. A fresh coat of paint may provide new looks but it can’t hide all blemishes.
  • Add Some Colour to the Primer- This tip is simple enough. Primer is mandatory if you’re painting on new drywall or painting over a dark colour. While the primer is white, any pro knows that the trick is to add a bit of the topcoat to the primer. This helps to prevent colours from bleeding through and improves paint adhesion. 
  • Cut in Around the Edges- After lining the edges with paint tape (use a plate knife to help place the tape), you should use a paintbrush to hit these areas and corners. These areas can’t be easily hit with a roller and the paintbrush is an effective way to help them get that paint. If you’re really trying to be a professional, when painting the ceiling using an angled brush helps to prevent paint from getting on the ceiling. 
  • Don’t Just Roll- When it’s finally time to use the roller, you can’t use it any old way. The pro’s know that the most effective way to paint with a roller is to paint overlapping W’s. This will help to prevent you from leaving roller marks on the walls.
  • Line Your Pans- This pro tip will help to make clean up a breeze. Use a plastic liner on your paint tray. Then when you’re done painting all you have to do is remove the plastic and throw it out. All that will remain then is a clean tray, ready to be used for the next job.
  • Let There Be Light- This is more of a pro tip than anything else. The best way to make sure that you got even coverage and don’t have any spots is to check it with a work light. The areas that are frequently trouble spots are the areas that were painted with the brush with a roller so make sure to use the light to really check those areas.

Now that you can paint like a pro make sure that you have the supplies of a pro. For all of your painting needs from brushes, rollers, and paint gallons, head to our shop at 22A Brookfield Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Our dedicated staff will be delighted to help.