Is it time for a new roof?

March 12, 2019

Roofs are strong, sturdy, and known for their durability. However, they don’t last forever. If the roof at your place is more than a few decades old then it’s time to start looking for the warning signs that mean it’s time for it to be replaced. The surest sign are leaks during a rainstorm but keep an eye out for these 6 signs to know when to replace your roof before that rainy day happens.

1.The Shingles are Curling

After enough wear and tear the shingles will start to curl. The curling is an indication that your roof has suffered through many storms and other forms of inclement weather. Once the process begins, there is no going back. This isn’t a sign that you need to replace your roof immediately but you should start saving for a new one. This will help you to replace your roof before a rainy day causes some leaks on your head and costly damage to your home.

2. There Are Bald Spots

Losing a few shingles isn’t bad but once they are noticeable bald patches, the time to replace your roof is near. These spots will lead to water damage as an opportunity for harm has been created. In due time this will also lead to wood rot and can cause a mould problem in your home. Unlike other issues, bald spots mean that your roof will have to be replaced sooner than later.

3. Your Neighbours are Replacing their Roofs

Sometimes your neighbours might be onto something. If there are multiple houses on your street or your development replacing their roofs then it could be time for you to replace your roof as well. Yes, your house is grand. Yes, your house is better than your neighbours. But if your homes were constructed around the same time then no, your house’s roof isn’t made from better materials or will last for many more years. If you’re close to your neighbors, take the time to ask them why they are replacing their roofs and examine yours for the same issues.

4. Granules are in the Gutter

The next time you’re cleaning the gutter pay attention and see if you can find any residue from the tiles in the gutter. If your roof is new then don’t worry. Any debris is just excess granules that are being washed away. If your roof is 15-20 years old that is a sign of dire times ahead.

5. Discoloration

Roofs will become discolored over time as a result of sunlight, rain, and snow. Dark patches signal that your roof is starting to deteriorate and a sign that you’ll need a new one. It also doesn’t help with your curb appeal.

6. Too Much Natural Light

The ultimate sign that it’s time for a new roof is when you can see sunlight from your attic. If light is getting through that means other things are coming in as well. The time for replacement is here.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs and are concerned about your roof, then don’t hesitate to contact us about it. Pop into the shop or call us on 01-288 6993.